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Habits of the Heart

365 Daily exercises for living like Jesus

Do you long for lasting change? Permanent change only comes from developing new habits. A “habit” is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously. The Apostle Paul tells us that our whole lives are a training of some sort whether we realize it or not; everything we do is either training our heart towards God or away from him. What shape is your heart in? Consider this book a training program to develop habits of the heart that will draw you into a deeper and lasting relationship with God. 

By the end of the devotional, you will…

  • Have practiced 52 different spiritual disciplines
  • Read God’s Word every day since every discipline is based entirely off of Scripture and Jesus’s life and teachings
  • Become more aware of your weak spiritual muscles that keep you from fully trusting and knowing God
  • Discover new ways of connecting with God
  • Notice more of God’s activity and presence in your everyday life
  • Get a sneak peek!

Available for purchase at:  Amazon ,  Barnes & Nob le,  B  ooks-A-Million ,  Christianbook.com ,  Lifeway ,  P  arable ,  Tyndale  and  Walmart . 

Available for purchase at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Christianbook.com, LifewayParableTyndale and Walmart

Available for purchase at:  Amazon ,  Barnes & Nob le,  Books-A-Million ,  Christianbook.com ,  Lifeway ,  Parable ,  Tyndale , and  Walmart .

Bible Promises to Live By for Women

What do you long to hear God promise for your future? God’s promises speak to the deep desires inside each of us that long to know that our future holds joy, security, purpose, value, and companionship. Whether you are in a season of great joy or in a place of deep sadness, God has specific things he wants to communicate to you through the promises in his Word.

Our hope for this devotional is that you will:

  • Meditate on over 500 promises directly from God’s Word specifically organized into 91 topics most relevant for women
  • Allow God’s promises to sink deep into your heart so that you can have peace for today and hope for the future.
  • Ask God to help you trust in his promises and as a result become a more confident, courageous, and secure woman.
  • Learn more about this book here

365 Questions of a Woman's Soul

As women we have a multitude of questions swirling around in our minds. Yet sometimes we wonder if asking questions about God, his Word, and his world show signs of unbelief or doubt in our hearts. Or maybe we wonder if there is any point in asking questions of God at all. But when we look at Scripture, we see men and women of great spiritual character asking God questions. This daily devotional asks the deep questions for which the woman’s soul longs for answers. This book contains 365 deep soul questions with relevant Scripture, a short devotional thought, and then prayer prompts to help get the conversation started with God.

Our hope is that through reading this you will:

  • Have some of your own soul questions answered

  • Develop the habit of bringing your questions to God in prayer

  • Wrestle with your questions with God and his Word and as a result gain perspective, wisdom, and a better understanding of who God is

  • Engage with each question and allow it to lead to deeper conversations and soul connections with God