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Becoming A Better "Includer"

Inclusion can feel complicated sometimes. How do I include others when I have so little margin in my own life? Do I need to include others even when I rarely see my own friends? Do I have to include people I don’t like? What does it look like practically to include others? Are there some areas in life where it is okay to be exclusive?

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How To Face the Future with Courage instead of Fear

I heard myself say, “Girls, you have to trust me. I guarantee you will LOVE what is ahead.” Then it hit me. I wonder if this is how God feels when I refuse to trust him. When I choose to stay in the safe and familiar instead of follow him down a new path. My little girls had no idea what was just around the bend. All they knew was that it was unfamiliar. And sometimes the unfamiliar just feels too hard and downright scary.

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