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Why Reflecting On The Past Is So Important For Your Future

In a world that pressures you to keep moving, reflection helps you pause and remember how God has worked in and around you. And isn’t the end of the year the perfect time to reflect with the Lord?The discipline of Remembrance isn’t something I just made up. It is all over Scripture. Take a look…

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This Might Be The Greatest Gift You Can Give This Christmas Season (and it's free!)

Why is it so easy to assume the worst in others? Especially with those we know, love, and trust? Perhaps, it is because there is a small part of us that is afraid to be disappointed, rejected, or betrayed. Defenses are a natural part of the human condition, and our assumptions can often be used to protect ourselves.However, I wonder if maybe…just maybe… the best gift we can give each other this holiday season is the benefit of the doubt.

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The Best Way To Keep Comparison From Stealing Your Holiday Spirit

Nothing steals your joy more than comparison. Maybe it’s just me, but the comparison game is strong over the holiday season. Advertisements with women dressed in stylish outfits pressure you into spending just a tad more than what is within your comfort zone. Photographs on social media of friends making merry at lavish parties, or family gatherings that look straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine...

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