5 Books To Help You Grow Spiritually This Spring

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One question I’m often asked is what books I would recommend. So in honor of springtime, I decided to narrow the genre down to my current favorite books on spiritual growth. I struggled to write this blog post because it was super difficult for me to choose just 5 books to recommend. Honestly, so many great books are out there by so many incredible writers. The books I’ve selected are what I call “deserted island books,” if I were to be stranded on an island, what books would I like to bring with me (other than the Bible)? I also recognize I am missing a ton of great classics which means I will need to create another list for another post!

I hope these suggestions help you embrace new spiritual growth as much as you embrace spring!

1.     Invitation to a Journey
By: Robert Mulholland

This is by far my favorite book on spiritual growth and formation. It is short but so powerful. It gives a clear definition of spiritual formation, discusses the importance of spiritual disciplines, and even has a short section on how personality types impact our spiritual growth (SO fascinating). If you are new to the faith but want to really deepen your understanding of God and how to grow closer to him, this approachable, easy-to-read book is a great place to start. He also has another book as well called “The Deeper Journey,” which is also fantastic.


2.     Renovation of the Heart
By: Dallas Willard

How could I have a list of my favorite books on spiritual growth and not include one by Dallas Willard? This theologian and philosopher was a genius. His words are pure gold. If you want to experience what I’m talking about, just Google “Dallas Willard quotes” and be ready to have your mind blown. This book is probably better for one who is a bit further along on their faith journey. It is heady and needs to be read slowly and with a strong cup of coffee. But it is deeply insightful and by far one of my favorite books.


3.     The Good and Beautiful God
By: James Bryan Smith

If you are looking for a good book to read within community, this is the book for you. It is perfect for a small group, bible study, book club, etc. This book focuses on learning more about God through the person of Jesus. Every chapter addresses common false narratives and contrasts it with the narrative of Christ. Each chapter also gives spiritual exercises to practice and discuss within community. It is easy to read and full of engaging stories. I LOVE this book. This is also the first book of a series of three. If you like this one, there is a second book that focuses on inward character, and a third that focuses on community.


4.     The Gift of Being Yourself
By: David Benner

I had a spiritual director who literally forced me to read this book and I am so glad he did. This book is largely based off a quote from the spiritual father, St. Augustine that says, “Grant, Lord, that I may know myself that I may know thee." He realized we cannot have deep knowledge of God without having deep knowledge of self. Discovering more about our true selves - how God created us to be - actually deepens our relationship with God. And when we try to be someone we’re not, it hinders our relationship with Him. If you’re tired of trying to be someone you’re not, have a deep desire to feel comfortable in your skin, and are ready to embrace the unique person God made you to be, then this book is for you!


5.     The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook
By: Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

For some reason when I see the word “handbook” I automatically assume its boring, but I assure you this is anything but dull. This book inspired me to write a 365 devotional based on spiritual disciplines, which eventually became Habits of the Heart. This handbook gives a very through explanation of over 60 spiritual disciplines and gives examples on how to practice them. Calhoun is an amazing writer and every page is full of ways to stretch your spiritual muscles and grow closer to God.

I hope you feel inspired this spring season to be intentional to grow deeper in your relationship with God. Do you have other favorite books on spiritual growth? Feel free share them in the comment section below!